Classical Feng Shui Dispels Popular Myths and Errors


Feng Shui Expert Kartar Diamond stated, “Feng Shui has been diluted, convoluted and reinvented for mass consumption.”


Linda Eklins (Selvage)

Modern society is becoming more conscious of natural and man-made environmental needs and people worldwide are seeking sources for learning Feng Shui in hope of creating a better life.  The internet provides immediate access to volumes of information, much of which tends to portray Feng Shui as magical thinking or a method of placing knickknacks having symbolic intention.  Unfortunately, Feng Shui is often not taken seriously and many people have formed kooky impressions of this ancient science.  Feng Shui Expert Kartar Diamond stated, “Feng Shui has been diluted, convoluted and reinvented for mass consumption.”

In the late 1940s, Feng Shui was banned in China under the leadership of Mao Zedong and the founding of the People’s Republic of China.  Nearly twenty years later, during the Cultural Revolution, practitioners experienced even worse treatment when they were beaten and their works burned.  Feng Shui Masters fled for their lives.  Feng Shui became modernized and popularized by Western culture in the 1970s and the dilution accelerated.  Only as recently as 2004, the Prime Minister of China recognized that Feng Shui is an important part of Chinese culture and must be embraced and preserved.  In 2005, only one Feng Shui Master, Larry Sang, founder of the prestigious American Feng Shui Institute, was invited to attend meetings with China’s Prime Minister, Architectural Department, and Deans of the country’s most respected colleges.  These historical meetings began the structuring of guidelines for Classical Feng Shui to be taught in China’s top colleges.

Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, also called Traditional or Classical Feng Shui, is a complex mathematical system incorporating astronomy, geography, the environment, magnetic fields, and physics.  Recognizing that there are 216 unique types of buildings, the construction date, precise magnetic orientation, birth date and gender of each occupant are crucial in revealing a structure’s energy blue print and how each occupant will be affected.  These energy patterns, much like DNA, are not visible to the naked eye, nor are they detected intuitively, yet they are present from the moment the four walls and roof are completed.  An accurate floor plan is divided into 9 quadrants, also called Palaces.  Each of these quadrants holds a predictable energy pattern that is not divided by the structure’s walls.  Though we can not see, hear, smell, touch or taste these non-obvious energies, they affect us physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. Determined solely through calculations, the timely placement of elemental remedies can shift these energies to become more supportive.  Feng Shui is actually, therefore, a science and the art comes in knowing what to prioritize, as well as, when, where, why and how much of a remedy is needed.

Certain types of buildings can contribute to wealth, financial disaster, creativity, legal problems, crime, insanity, birthing smart babies, infertility, specific accidents and illnesses, romance, divorce, or numerous other traits.  The appropriate remedy of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth will enhance, reduce, or neutralize dominating energy patterns.  Size does matter!  An area needing metal remedy may require 2 to 10 pounds of metal, whereas, a few coins will have no effect.  Remedies should blend beautifully with the décor and must interact with the room’s air currents.  Pictures and statues offer psychological or visual appeal but are not recognized as a Classical remedy.  Feng Shui can also be applied to a city, state, country, and even the world.

Periods of time can have a profound influence on a building.  Within a 180 year cycle that repeats itself, a structure may have a 20 year “Locked” phase for people and a 20 year Locked phase for money.  Additionally, one year Locked periods occur every 9 years.  Locks come at different times for different buildings and can be predicted through the mathematical system of Feng Shui.  Unremedied, a Lock is a time where it is difficult for people and relationships to prosper or when money is very restricted.  To remedy a Lock, a significant amount of water is placed in the yin “sitting” direction.  The sitting is frequently the back of a building and always opposite the direction the building faces.   It is critical to accurately determine the sitting and the facing of a building so that analysis and remedy suggestions are supportive.  Quadrant energies also shift, positively or negatively, every year on the first day of the Chinese solar calendar, February 4th or 5th.   These time cycles often explain why life is smooth sailing and, without significant change, life becomes very challenging for a time.

Many buildings have been imprisoned by a Lock since the most recent 20 Year cycle shift in 2004.  A family, whose house was in a People Lock, experienced increased quarrels and arguments between all family members.  Health was also compromised.  After placing a 100 gallon galvanized steel trough of circulating water in the exterior sitting of their property, they reported dramatic improvement in relationships and health.  Placing water in the exterior East or Southwest area of a building can also increase prosperity until 2043.  Water in the Northeast exterior will decrease money luck until 2043.

Another couple was experiencing “Divorce & Separation” energy and “Bull Fight Sha” in their master bedroom.  Bull Fight Sha makes life particularly challenging for the women of the house.  To reduce the dominating energy that was creating these effects, metal was added in several decorative forms that blend in with the room furnishings.   Since their bedroom would always need a metal remedy, gold paint, white linens, metallic fabrics and finishes, and metal decorations were recommended.  Introducing metal, as well as, reducing any fire or earth elements, created the balance needed to shift from the destructive energy they were experiencing.

As a Classical Feng Shui Consultant, I am most often asked to de-mystify the following:
Ba Gua 
A Ba Gua, or eight diagrams representing interrelated concepts, is an ancient tool much like a textbook.  It holds encoded information about universal energy patterns.  Modified from its original design, it has recently been hung over doors to deflect negative energy or laid over a floor plan to determine a building’s energy blue print.  This was never its intended use.

Wind Chimes
Metal Wind chimes have a very strong effect and should be used only in specific situations and never indoors.

In olden times, there were no glass mirrors.  Highly polished metal provided a reflection, while the metal provided the remedy.  Beyond opening a dark space, its effects are psychological.

Decorating with Red, Orange & Purple
All fire colors have a very strong effect and can increase arguments, accidents, illness, financial challenges, or worse.  They can also produce positive results but must be used judiciously.

Best Sleeping Direction
Since birth, every person is uniquely influenced by the magnetic pull of the Earth.  Whatever may be beneficial to one person may not be beneficial to another.
Classical Feng Shui is a powerful mathematical science and healing art with many, many layers.  The practice of Feng Shui considers the relationship to our environment in natural and subtle ways to improve our lives.

Linda Elkins (Selvage) is a Classical Feng Shui Consultant and graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute. She resides in Ojai, California and serves local and long distance clients.  Her website is