Do you travel?

Yes! I mostly cover the South West United States but have even traveled to Mexico for design work.

How does this work?

  1. You send me an email letting me know about your needs.

  2. I send an email back with a link to set up an appointment if I think I can help you with my services.

  3. We have a paid consultation call as the first step as we dive into your project.

I just need help staging my home, do you do that?

I am happy to guide you through your own DIY Staging with a detailed Staging Consultation!

Linda is an exceptionally talented woman who is a real pleasure to work with. In the home staging business, you must have a professional who is sensitive to both the marketing needs of the project and the feelings of the homeowner. That’s exactly who Linda is. What’s more, she uses her creativity to accomplish major improvements even when she hasn’t been given major financial resources. And in this economy, that’s especially important. I highly recommend Linda —-look no further!
— Sharon M., Ojai, CA

Any other questions?

Please reach out to me!