Your space should delight you!


Who is Linda?

Linda brings a presence of grace, beauty and dynamic energy to any undertaking. Her eye for design is unsurpassed. She creates the most pleasing spaces that make a home for sale a highly marketable product or a serene and pleasing home to live in.

She has changed my own home and helped me to create a sacred sanctuary through Feng Shui. The simple cures that she has given have been instant “energy” shifts. If your home doesn’t “feel” quite right, isn’t a place where your dreams begin to take flight, doesn’t seem like your haven .... then you must call Linda.
— Joy B., Thousand Oaks, CA
Linda is an exceptionally talented woman who is a real pleasure to work with. In the home staging business, you must have a professional who is sensitive to both the marketing needs of the project and the feelings of the homeowner. That’s exactly who Linda is. What’s more, she uses her creativity to accomplish major improvements even when she hasn’t been given major financial resources. And in this economy, that’s especially important. I highly recommend Linda —-look no further!
— Sharon M. Ojai, CA
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Linda has provided beautiful interiors for clients throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara and West Los Angeles Counties, Carmel, CA and Cancun, Mexico.


Linda is a very sweet, fun and talented designer to work with! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for several years and she has been an absolute blast to work with. She is patient and honest and really listens to your design needs. Her approach is to make spaces functional AND aesthetically pleasing while keeping in mind your design style and needs. She truly is creative when it comes to design. I am always blown away by her unique and beautiful recommendations. She has fabulous connections for unique furniture, custom fabricators, upholstery even window treatments. That’s why she’s my go-to designer!
— Claudia P., Carpinteria, CA
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